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Deutsches Historisches Museum decided to translate “deutsche Kriegsbeute-Offiziere” as “German Booty Officers”

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2am - animal crossing city folk

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"What’s this, what’s this? Are you telling me you’ve fallen for her?”

So I’ve heard there’s a Ran/Sera case coming up… (Let me dream.)

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“It’s important for little girls to know not every story has to be a love story and for boys to know that soldiers aren’t the only ones to triumph in war.”

Guillermo del Toro (via maxkirin)

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"I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing"


This just tickles my brain. Amazing only begins to cover it

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id rather fall in lava than fall in love

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Now, Rin and Obito have to wait for Kakashi.

Who is late. Just late.

Because he got lost on a path of life.

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